15/06/2017 AGM Westminster Cathedral

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Held on Corpus Christi
Thursday 15th, June 17 3.00pm. Hinsley Hall, Westminster Cathedral.

PRESENT: Bernard Luckhurst, Maurice Smith, Tony O’Brien, Michael O’Brien,
Maurice Garvie, John Walters, John Anthony, Tom Forde,
Steve Mc Cabe, Peter Dowse, Peter Power, Andy Chipperfield, Pat Jennings,
Bridget O’Meara.

The meeting opened with the Guild Prayer led by our President, Bernard Luckhurst.
Bernard welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending which concluded
the 103rd, year of the Guild.

2. APOLOGIES: Father Barry Lomax(Chaplain), Donna Allen (chairperson),
Christopher Sloan (Hon. Gen. Secretary), Robert Mann (Friends Sec), Chris Arnold,
Paul Totham (Requiem Mass), Patrick Somerville, Brendan Brett, Tom Barton,
John Totham, Brian Pender, Kathleen Aubeelack, John Simons, Ted Keal,
Gerry Barrell, Laurence Milligan, James Milligan, Steve Hall, Andrew Nattrass,
David Williams, Robert Gravells, Marie Tutt, Maggie Carr. John Kenny.

3.& 4. It was agreed in the absence of our Chairperson and Secretary that our President,
Bernard, should chair the meeting

No minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting were available, in the absence of the
Secretary, and therefore there were no matters arising (agenda item 4), from that
meeting that were not included in the forthcoming agenda.

5.& 6. There were no reports tabled from the Chairperson or the Hon.Gen.Sec. and in
consequence of this Bernard gave a short summary of events during the past year which
highlighted the Rome Pilgrimage in July, the annual Requiem Mass in November,
and the Corpus Christi Mass in June 16. ( work was also proceeding with the wording
of The Constitution which will be mentioned later.).

The Secretary, Chris Sloan, had given verbal notice of his intention to resign as
Secretary and Bernard wished to record the thanks of the Guild for all his
work he had contributed to the Guild especially the first web-site and being both
a Chairman and Secretary during the past 9 years.


7. Treasurer’s Report Maurice Smith, then tabled the 3 page balance sheets, copies of
which were given to members. He stated that the Finances of the Guild were sound at t the end of the year 31st, December 2016.

Balances showed the current H.S.B.C. Account stood at £2,663.29 and the Yorkshire
Building Society (formally the Chelsea B.S.) Account stood in credit of £10,109.35
Liabilities (Nov.16 Requiem Mass) stood at £1,100 leaving the Guild in Credit
of £11,672.64.

In 2016 the Guild had 219 paying members ranging from £20.00 to £2.00 which
included 170 members paying the required £10.00p. membership fee.

It was noted that the finances had only been audited by one auditor, life member
and fellow, David Williams, and Bernard reminded the Treasurer that the Constitution
required two auditors. This will be dealt with by Maurice during 2017 but there was no
forthcoming 2nd auditor at the meeting.

The Finances were unanimously approved at the meeting and Pat Jennings, on behalf
of the members, thanked Maurice for all the work he does for the Guild. Maurice
thanked Pat for his kind comments.


8. Regional Representatives Reports: No Regional Reports were table but Branch
reports were given by Tony O”Brien (East London) and Maurice Smith (West London)

Tony stated they held their annual visit to Aylesford in July 16 supporting disadvantage
children and families and in October 16 they carried Our lady Of Fatima’s statue
from Westminster Cathedral to Brompton Oratory for the Society of Reparation
which has been done for more than 15 years.

Maurice reported that in West London two walks had been held one in the Vauxhall
area and ending up at Lambeth Palace to visit the newly opened “garden Museum”
and the other walk in the City of London with a visit to the “Sky Garden”
The Guild also supported John/Cath’s Garden Party held in July 16 and raising money
for a project in India. (The next garden Party will be held on Sunday 6th, August 2017).

9. CHANGE TO GUILD STRUCTURE : Bernard then appraised the meeting of a
decision by the National Executive Committee Regional set-up.

The National Executive Committee have decided that each region should be semi-
autonomous in their daily work but remain under the umbrella of the National
Guild Executive Committee.
This, in effect, means that each region will effectively govern themselves but report
to the NEC on a regular basis.

There will remain just one treasurer snd one National Chair. All other aspects of the
Guild will continue as at present. It will be for each Region to determine their
organisational setup.

This has raised the questions of those “branches” in the London area. Bernard
reported that he had held a meeting with Tony O’Brien (East London), Robert Mann
(South East London) and Maurice Smith (West London) with a view to
amalgamating the three branches into one London Region.
It was agreed between the four present that, given the few numbers of active
members in these three Branches, that it was more sensible to follow this
course and become “one Region”.

In response to questions asked it was for individual members of the Guild to select
the Region to which they wished to be affiliated and for London, would not be
restricted to those who had served in the London Forces.

Furthermore, all subscriptions would remain payable to the National Treasurer but the
Regions could seek reimbursement for normal expenditure or financing events.

This was accepted by all present (the majority of whom were “London Region
members) and agreed without a vote being required.


The President proposed a change to the Constitution from a practical perspective.

Bernard read out the Constitution in respect of who signs cheques for the Guild.
At the present time the signatures were those of the three officers of the Guild, the
Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. This has caused a problem given the wide
locations of the three officers.

It was proposed that the wording should be amended
“Any cheque drawn on Guild Account(s) shall be signed by two or three
officers of the Guild. The exception shall be for any cheques for £50.00 or less which
may be signed by one officer alone”
“Any cheque drawn on Guild account(s0 shall be signed by two of the three members
nominated by the N.E.C.. The exception shall be for any cheque(s) for £50.00p. or
less which may be signed by the Treasurer alone”.
There was unanimous agreement for this change. The signatures therefore would be
Maurice Smith, Christopher Arnold and Bernard Luckhurst.


10. In the absence of a membership Secretary no report was tabled or given

11. In the absence of the “Friends Secretary” no written report was given but Robert by
telephone reported that we were indebted to Maggie Carr and Marie Tutt for their
support of the Guild, helping out at the Requiem Mass, always supporting Guild
Pilgrimages and arranged Walks.
An updated list of current “Friends” will be completed in 2017.

12 In the absence of the Requiem Mass Secretary no report was given.
However Bernard thanked Paul Totham for all the work he had done for the success of
the Requiem Mass on 16th, November 2016.
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor was the chief Celebrant with Father Barry, our C Chaplain, and was reasonably well supported
Bernard reminded the meeting that the next Requiem Mass will be held on
Thursday 9th, November 17 at 3.00pm.

13 & 14. In the absence of John Kenny no report was given on Communication/Press up-date
but John Kenny gave notice of retirement from the post after perhaps 30 years plus.
John had been made a Fellow of the Guild in 2014..
Bernard thanked John in his absence and commended him for all his dedication to the
Guild for over 40 year.

Maurice Garvie then gave a short report on the Social events during the year commenting
on the Guild Pilgrimage to Rome in July and the Christmas Dinner held in Whitehall in
December 16.
Bernard Thanked Maurice (Garvie) for all his work he had done for the Pilgrimage as
without his contribution the Pilgrimage would not have happened and been so
successful. (The Christmas Dinner is booked on Thursday 14th, December 17)

15. STEWARDING: The Guild continues to cover stewarding at the Cathedral when
requested especially the two Carol Concerts and the adoration of Saints Relics.

Patrick Somerville gave notice that he was now retiring from his voluntary work at the
Cathedral which included co-ordinating voluntary stewarding events involved with Guild
members. This will reduce our influence and contacts with these matters.

All officers having agreed to continue in their role were elected without a vote.

Chairperson Donna Allen
Hon. Gen. Secretary Christopher Arnold
Treasurer: Maurice Smith
Requiem Mass Organiser: Paul Totham.
Friends Secretary Robert Mann .
Press/Publicity/Social Maurice Garvie.
Membership/Web-site James Milligan.


North West (Liverpool & Manchester) Donna Allen
Essex Christopher Arnold
Birmingham (Vacant)
London (Westminster)


Representatives Pending the imminent move to a London Region

East London Tony O’Brien
West London Maurice Smith
South East Robert Mann

Following a short discussion the nominated members were all unanimously
appointed to the National Executive Committee for 2017/18

17. ANY OTHER Business

Bernard mentioned the forthcoming Pilgrimage to Poland in October 17 and stated there were eighteen members committed.

John Walters mentioned that the Guild had been mentioned in a book entitled
“In Pursuit of Truth” by a retired officer in which it was inferred that being a Guild member gained
advantage and influence in the Police Force. Bernard stated that he would endeavour to see a copy of this book and determine if it warranted a response from the Guild.

Peter Dowse asked about “Life Membership” and Maurice clarified that the cost was £50.00p
but that no-one had applied for over 15 years. To his knowledge the facility has never been
rescinded. The N.E.C. would look at this at a future meeting.

Pat Jennings then mentioned, as a founder member of the Emerald Society in the
Metropolitan Police, we should as a Guild promote ourselves like other associations within the
Police Force. However this had been debated many years ago within the Guild and it was decided it was not in-keeping with our Constitution as the Guild is under the Patronage
of the Bishops of England & Wales and not the Police Service.

Andy Chipperfield reminded the meeting that the next East London Pilgrimage to Aylesford
will be held on 29th, July 17.


18 Date of next meeting to be arranged by the N.E.C.

19. The meeting closed with Prayers for those affected bob the west London Tower block