Mission Statement

The Aims & Objectives of the Catholic Police Guild are:

  • To provide a fraternal organisation through which members may be encouraged and obtain a better understanding of their Catholic Faith and its relevance to the Police service vocation.
  • To help members to apply Christian principles in the performance of their duties by helping others, resisting temptations to injustice and disloyalty, demonstrating qualities of integrity, sincerity and truthfulness and performing other charitable good works.
  • All Members are expected to participate fully in the Guild’s charitable activities and spiritual and social events.

His Holiness Pope John Paul II expanded upon these during an address to the Catholic Police Guild of England & Wales given in Rome on Friday, 12th April 1985 whilst the Guild was on a pilrimage to the Eternal City to to celebrate it’s seventh year of foundation:

In summary the Holy Father stated tht members of the Catholic Police Guild should: 

  • Be ever mindful of our professional and family responsibilities in the light of the Gospel message of God’s love.
  • Maintain high moral standards, discipline, self-sacrifice and the genuine concern for the common good in order to bear witness to the authenticity of our belief in the Paschal Mystery of the redeeming Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
  • Enthusiastically serve the cause of civic harmony and well-being with sensitivity and Christian hope.

As regards Policing itself the Holy Father said it is: “…a work of service and of brotherhood.  This work should be infused with a profound sense of the unique dignity of every human being.  The special value of each person can only be fully understood where each one is accepted as an image of God himself and a brother or sister of Christ.”